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Lifetime Services

Eurotherm offers professional services supported by leading industry expertise and is recognised in the market place for its comprehensive, high quality, responsive offerings. In the same way we develop our products to deliver leading, innovative solutions, it makes sense that we develop our services in the same way.

The eCAT? mobile application

The eCAT? mobile application for calibration ?is a tool for service engineers carrying out on-site calibration. ?Combined with our revolutionary software as a service, called Eurotherm? Online Services (EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor) by Schneider Electric?, it shows Eurotherm leading the way?in driving best operational efficiencies for its customers. It revolutionizes the calibration process, significantly increases its efficiency and minimizes the risk of human error – ensuring production quality and plant accreditation status is maintained.

The eCAT calibration tool

The eCAT calibration tool replaces outdated paper systems and reduces the elapsed time taken to produce calibration certificates. In combination with Eurotherm Online Service (EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor), certificates are made available on the day of calibration.

  • Unique, automated calibration tool
    • Validates data as it is entered
    • Reduces risk of human error
  • Significantly higher efficiency for calibration services
    • Service engineer can publish calibration certificates on the day of calibration

Calibration is a vital part of plant operations

?Where an instrument is carrying out an important measurement, periodic calibration is required to ensure that the measurements remain meaningful and, as such, the calibration process is a vital part of plant operations. For many industries, calibration is not only needed to ensure that a process stays within its specification to maintain quality, but is also a regulatory requirement and is necessary to maintain accreditation status of equipment and plants.

Traditionally, field calibration is carried out as a manual process, with measurements recorded on paper and then manually entered into the appropriate information system. From this data, a calibration certificate is generated. This is a slow process and prone to human error.

The eCAT app revolutionizes this process with an automated system whereby calibration data is entered onto a mobile tablet device and automatically uploaded to EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor. EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor provides online management of calibration and accreditation information for a plant, assisting audits to run smoothly with quick and easy access to necessary certifications (TUS, SAT, NCR and Calibration). The total solution with the eCAT application and EcoStruxure Manufacturing Compliance Advisor aids customers’ peace of mind?of correct and secure information vital to the running status of their plant.

This tool offers huge?benefits to customers who need to maintain their calibration and accreditation status.

The eCAT app is a secure mobile compatible tool for calibration that delivers increased benefit to Eurotherm calibration services and is now available to our customers and third party calibration houses.