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These outlines are intended as an indication of the type of opportunities available at Eurotherm.

They give a flavour of the technologies we are using, or thinking of using, and some of the problems we are trying to solve.

See our main?Projects?page for more information.

Web Content in an Industrial Setting

Project M3

Designing impressive, innovative, and ultimately useful web content is not new: unless you are describing Industrial Instrumentation. As web servers are appearing on more and more of these products (partly because it’s a marketing must-have) it is apparent that little real thought or innovation goes into the web design to achieve usefulness. This is disappointing. The introduction of new Web technologies is happening at a rapid rate (XML, Flash, Java, and others), but they are only being fully exploited at the desktop.

This project is about setting the record straight. To combine the best of the latest web technologies with a web-enabled industrial product gives the opportunity to truly innovate, deliver new possibilities to the customer, and at the same time explore leading edge technologies