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Overall, I really enjoyed my internship with Schneider Electric over the summer! I worked on a project to research into the feasibility of using the recently released OPC-UA protocol as a mode of data transfer for Schneider Electric products. Through this experience, I was able to pick up valuable skills in software testing and network communications that have helped me to grow as an engineer. However, more than that, I really treasured the opportunity to experience being part of an engineering team. This was aided by the inclusive culture at Schneider Electric, which really helped me to feel at home in the company. I am also very thankful to the team at Schneider Electric, who spared no effort in making us interns feel welcome and integrated with the rest of our colleagues. I would strongly recommend an internship with Schneider Electric to any university student, as I am sure that you, like me, will have a truly wonderful and enriching time there.