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I joined Eurotherm as a Marketing Intern as part of my year-long industrial placement required for my BSc (Hons) Marketing degree. Working in the Global Marketing Team gave me a great insight in how companies operate in an international context, and I worked closely with the marketing contacts in the other regions.

During my placement, I had to opportunity to work on several projects independently, giving me a great amount of responsibility to ensure I met deadlines. I was in charge of writing and sending the Marketing Newsletter which was sent out internally each month. This involved collecting recent news and announcements from the marketing teams in each country, and putting it together using an online newsletter building tool. I was involved in creating a marketing plan for Eurotherm and was in charge of updating the events calendar and product launch dates using a dynamic, online platform to ensure everything would be finished on time.

Social media was a big part of my job role at Eurotherm, and I was in charge of collating and writing content for their social media platforms. I was introduced to social media management tools such as Buffer, which allowed me to schedule posts for the future and ensure they were consistent. Creating a social media calendar allowed us to be consistent with our social media posts and I undertook a lot of research to better understand the best times and platforms to post on, in order to reach more users. I created a Social Media Guide for the team at Eurotherm, to improve everyone’s understanding of how we should use social media, where we should be posting certain content, and how to use each platform. I won an Innovation Award for this piece of work at my university’s Employability Awards this year!

I was involved in several market research tasks which introduced me to databases such as Dun & Bradstreet, allowing me to access information on potential customers from all over the world. Other analytical tasks included making Google cluster maps on companies in a particular sector in a given region, and creating dashboards to analyse Eurotherm’s market positioning in comparison to their competitors. These tasks enabled me to become extremely proficient in Excel and taught me how to collate and analyse data. It also showed me how much of a global presence Eurotherm has, and I found it interesting to learn how they target companies in regions all over the world.

I had a really positive experience working with the Global Marketing Team at Eurotherm, and I have gained countless new skills that I can take back with me to my final year at university and future employment. I liked the responsibility the team gave me to work on projects independently, but they were always there to support me when needed. I felt like my opinion was always valued in the team and enjoyed being given tasks that would challenge me but help me to learn and develop. I would definitely recommend other university students to apply, as it has given me invaluable experience and is generally a great place to work!

Employer Supporting Statement for Emma Revel Chion

2018 Innovation Award

With a strong focus on greater collaboration, transparency across the team and improving our campaign effectiveness, I set Emma the challenge to help support our global marketing team to use our social media channels which were only being used by the US marketer. The challenge is that there are differing ideas and knowledge about social media within our team.

Emma set to work to research best practise, within Schneider Electric and via the internet to work out what is most effective and would build the most traffic for us. She had to wade through a lot of content from different guidelines, the internet and from Eurotherm expert product managers.

This all took focus, patience, the ability to absorb a lot of information and pull out only the relevant nuggets for our Eurotherm guide. Emma reviewed her content time and again, to make it useable from the perspective of a wide team of people and has produced a guide that is logical, simple to follow and truly helpful!

The guide gives each marketer a toolkit to create quality, relevant and truly global posts and alleviates one person having to form posts for everyone, often without the necessary information. This ‘ownership’ will ensure our posts are more authentic, fresher and more timely.

It is a totally new approach and will drive greater awareness of our products, interaction across Eurotherm and with our customers! It’s a significant improvement to working methods and has led to a more structured social media strategy.


Kate Merrick??? Eurotherm Global Marketing Manager

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